Power Law & Fractional Dynamics
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Power Law & Fractional Dynamics

    Power law phenomena exist in many fields, such as physics, biology, social science, economics and complicated mechanics etc. These phenomena are usually expressed by mathematical function   P (x)=ax^b(a,b are constants), meanwhile the scientists of statistical physics are accustomed to title them as non-scale phenomena. Many complicated mechanical processes frequently manifest itself through the empirical formula with the form of power-law function, so the in-depth discussions of Power law phenomena will benefit both for scientists and engineers.

    Fractional caculous is a fresh mathematical tools to deal with engineering problems. In recent years, the fractional derivative has been recognized as a powerful modeling methodology. It is wildly applied in Engineering, Medical imaging, Anomalous diffusion,Seepage in fractal media, Signal processing,Wave propagation,Turbulence, Damping control,Friction modeling,Property of soft matter etc.   Its complexity comes from the character of history dependence and universe mutuality.   Based on the wildly application in Engineering and Nature science,   Research of fractional calculous is active and extensive around the world. Here we present basical and up-to-date information about this, such as: envolved pepole around the world, important journals, leading conferences,major research institutes.

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